Wednesday, June 13, 2012

50 Shades of Grey- Mia Grey

Since we're speaking of Christian's siblings, let's also cast the role of his younger, flouncing, dark-haired sister who is one of the few ladies in Christian's life that can push his buttons and get away with it. I see her as fun, bouncing young girl. However, who knows, maybe with the right actress, they will bring some more depth to her. What do you think? Who can play the baby girl in the family?

Here are 10 names to consider (and yes a couple or so are from my first disaster of a list for Ana):

1) Sarah Hyland
2) Lucy Hale
3) Ashley Benson
4) Skyler Samuels
5) Janel Parrish
6) Selena Gomez
7) Hayden Panettiere
8) AnnaSophia Robb
9) Meaghan Martin
10) Chelsea Kane

Time to put your two cents in, who would you cast as Christian's baby sister?

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